Doctor Miranda GreyEdit

Miranda Jean Grey is a doctor and brilliant psychiatrist at Woodward Penitentiary for women.

She was currently married to Douglas grey until under the possesion of a friend's daughter's spirit did she murder him.

She was a skeptic to most people supernatural or unnatural beliefs until one fateful rainy night.

She had a gift which enables her to make contact with the restless spirits of brutalized victims.

Miranda Grey was well respected and an influential figure in her work at the asylum and quite a talented swimmer.

She has many friends from within her work to the local police department and beyond.

She is the main protagonist of the first Gothika film and is slated for the upcoming sequel may to return for a second installment as a reprisal.

Was played by Halle Berry but may not in the reprisal be her.

Halle BerryEdit

Halle Berry portrayed Miranda Grey in the first Gothika Film.

Association with StoryEdit

Is the main protagonist of the first Gothika and has the ability of communicating with the angry apparitions.

Such as the tortured fiery vengeful spirit of Rachael Parsons from the first installment.

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